e-Skills Match project: map and validate your knowledge and digital competences - the 1st Newsletter Issue is available online!

e-Skills Match (www.eskillsmatch.eu) is an EU co-funded project aiming to develop and demonstrate a European-wide learning system that will dynamically adapt to the changes that are occurring to current job market classifications and will support the user to identify any potential lack of necessary e-Skills and digital competences, while it will offer him the tools and methods to gain (re-) training in order to become more competitive and access the desirable jobs within ICT or non-ICT sectors.

Towards these objectives, the project will design, develop and deploy the e-Skills Match platform, a web-based multilingual platform which will offer an e-Portfolio solution hosted in a cloud environment. The platform will be tested by real users and will allow them to assess their current knowledge against e-Skills and digital competences demanded by the job market.

So, users will be able to:

  • Create and manage their personal e-portofolio
  • Perform an e-Skills audit using the e-Skills Match platform and self-assess their position in the job environment
  • Identify their gaps against those e-Skills and digital competences required for the desirable occupation within the ICT Plan their (re-) training if necessary with learning methods and educational tools like Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Open Educational Resources (OER) to complement their occupational e-Skills and apply for market certifications offered by the system.

Launched in September 2015 and running for the next 24 months, e-Skills Match is being implemented by a consortium comprised of the following partners: Stockholm University (Sweden) as the project coordinator, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy), Universidad de Alcalá (Spain), Adfor SpA (Italy) and Government To You (Belgium)

In this first issue of our newsletter, you will have the opportunity to read about all project updates so far, the promotional materials created, the project workshops about the platform's requirements, the news related to the project’s thematic area, various upcoming events, as well as other interesting publications.

For any questions on e-Skills Match, any comments or suggestions, contact us at: info@eskillsmatch.eu
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